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Making better use of ultrabeat

It’s taking a lot of trial and error, but I’m starting to create something that works out of Ultrabeat. I’ve been recording a bunch of sounds. Short breath attacks, two or three note phrases, a couple long notes, clicks using the lock, and even banging (lightly) on the bell. I’ve also used some samples that…

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Beginning the second tune

The concept I have in mind for the second tune is to use Logic’s Ultrabeat to create rhythms primarily using the sounds of the trombone. Ultrabeat is am amazing tool used primarily for creating beats. Use either samples, the built-in synth generator, or both. Then just set up the position of the sounds within the…

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Finishing up Time Capsule

I’m going to try to write more frequently, but since the last post, I have finished Time Capsule. I’ll probably write this often, but the tune is an experiment. Hell, the entire CD is pretty much an experiment. I found some great historic clips of people speaking. I’ve added Churchill, Reagan, Mohammed Ali and Julia…

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The beginning: Time Capsule

I’ve been working on a few concepts that didn’t pass muster. Dead ends. I think at a certain point I’ll probably go back to them and see if they can be untangled and something made of them. At the moment, I’m moving on. The first piece that is building momentum is something I’m calling Time Capsule.…

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