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My new CD

road less traveled

It started from my little demo website containing a collection of music that I had written and recorded. One day Gerry Pagano wrote me to say that I needed a bass trombone on the music. I had played all the trombone parts on my alto trombone and since that horn cannot go below a low…

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Departure by Gerry Pagano

Connections is the latest CD from Gerry Pagano. It features the St. Louis Low Brass Collective, The Trombones of the St. Louis Symphony, pianist Peter Henderson, and never before recorded music for trombone quartet, brass quintet, low brass ensemble, and the 2010 bass trombone solo written for Gerry Pagano, Sonata Rhapsody “the Arch”! Connections was…

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Unlocking the true essence of the bass and alto trombones

While Gerry Pagano was in Arizona recording Roads Less Traveled with me, we tried out a new type of camera that captures the essence of objects well beyond the capability of ordinary cameras. It’s a new technology called Sterillium Photography. Basically, the camera senses the energy emanating from an object and reproduces it at the…

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